Set and Sew UFO

   Sit and Sew UFO
   Date:        Last Saturday of each month
   Time:        10:00 am to 3:00pm

Yes, we will be gathering on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

   Are your UFO's getting out of hand?  Do you have projects
   almost done, half way there, barely started or not at all? 
   Are you stuck on a technique or need help with quilting?
   Then this is the place for you!  Please join a group of quilters
   who love to eat, gab and get'er done. 

   This is an open invitation for any one who loves quilting as
   much as we do.  Food is potluck.  Bring a dish, dessert, soup,
   salad, appetizer, etc to share.  (Bring the recipe too if you have
   one, we love to share good recipes almost as much as we love
   to sew!)  We will provide utensils to eat with but you may want
   to bring a serving utensil depending on the dish you bring.

   Don't forget to bring show and tell too if you have a project
   you would like to brag on....come on, we know you have at
   least one.

Contact Info:

(479) 996-5808